Jumelle Press is an independent trade publisher with a focus on art and design books, cookbooks, and children’s books. We started Jumelle Press as a way to offer talented writers and content creators a collaborative and personalized publication process. Our hands-on creative approach results in unique books which balance the integrity of an author’s vision with the polish of a rigorous editorial process. 


Elise Caffee is a travel writer, photographer, and an editor with 20+ years experience working in the publishing industry. With a background in book development and an M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition, Elise excels at transforming content into a finished product.

Elise started her publishing career as the editorial assistant for the Rhetoric Society Quarterly while in graduate school. She also taught Freshman English Composition and Technical Writing at Brigham Young University.

Elise continued her publishing career working in-house and freelance for various academic and textbook publishing companies. She specializes in strategic development, project management, and developmental editing.

When she’s not crafting a book, or serving in her community, she loves visiting new places with her husband and three daughters (most recently Germany and Turkey!)


Tiffany Rosenhan is a young adult fiction author. Her action-packed, fast-paced debut thriller, Girl From Nowhere, was published by Bloomsbury in July 2020. Since then, Tiffany has quickly become a popular speaker at schools across the country, where she shares her passion for creative writing and storytelling with students of all ages. 

Inspired by the many atlases and encyclopedias she read while visiting her grandparent’s dairy farm in the summers, Tiffany loves to travel and is always curious about new places. Tiffany has a B.A. in Political Science. She has taught English in Asia, studied abroad in South America, and takes her children on adventures as frequently as possible—she and her husband once withdrew their four daughters from school to travel around Europe for four months while he recovered from a hemorrhagic stroke—one day, she’ll write about that! 

Why ‘Jumelle’?

Jumelle means ‘twin’ in French, and – fun fact! – Tiffany and Elise are both identical twins. This unique, shared experience, of being one half of a whole, enables Tiffany and Elise to appreciate the differences between them, and recognize the value of combining their distinct and diverse perspectives, personalities, and skills.