Elise is a native of Short Hills, New Jersey who has always had that editorial "magic touch."  She started her publishing career as the editorial assistant for the Rhetoric Society Quarterly while in graduate school and found a love of academic publishing. While pursuing her M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition she also was a Freshman English Composition Instructor and a Technical Writing Instructor at Brigham Young University.

After graduation, Elise attended the prestigious New York University Summer Publishing Institute, which helped further launch her editing and publishing career.

Elise has continued her publishing career, working in-house and freelance for various academic and textbook publishing companies, including Sage Publications, Cengage Learning, and Cognella. She specializes in strategic development, project management, developmental editing, proofreading, art and photo research, and ancillaries development. For additional information about the services she offers, please visit here.

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